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May 16th, 2023 Meeting (ZOOM): “Mitochondria: The Key To Health And Energy” by Dr. Tim Jackson DPT, CNS

May 16th, 2023 Meeting (ZOOM): “Mitochondria: The Key To Health And Energy” by Dr. Tim Jackson DPT, CNS

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Main Presentation:”Mitochondria: The Key To Health And Energy” by Dr. Tim Jackson DPT, CNS

May 16th, 2023 @ 11 am PST

Each and every one of our cells contains mitochondria.  Mitochondria are known as the “power plants” of cells because they convert oxygen to energy.  Since they are the source of all cellular energy, optimal mitochondrial function is essential for good health.   Every cell in your body is affected by how well you make energy. As you age, your mitochondria become less efficient in producing energy.  Age-associated mitochondrial decline leads to a progressive decline in our metabolism, our overall energy levels, our resiliency and our muscle function.  Anti-aging experts believe that maintaining mitochondrial health is important for cellular energy production which is important to maintain overall health and vitality as we age.  Supporting the mitochondria is the first step in healing according to Dr. Henry Ealy.

The number of mitochondria per cell varies widely.  The most mitochondria are in the brain, then the ovary, then the heart.  There are two million mitochondria in each brain cell as the brain uses twenty percent of energy.  The second highest concentration of mitochondria are found in ovary cells where there are 700,000 mitochondrial cells.  The third highest density for mitochondria are in heart cells which have approximately 7000 mitochondria per cell.  Muscle cells have approximately 5000 mitochondria per cell and other cells have approximately a couple of hundred mitochondria per cell.

Roles of mitochondria include regulation of membrane potential, and is involved in apoptosis programmed cell death, calcium signaling, regulation of cellular metabolism.   They are constantly renewed to produce energy and fulfill the vast energy needs of muscles and other tissues.  

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About Dr. Tim Jackson DPT, CNS

Dr. Tim Jackson is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Orthopedic Rehabilitation, and a Functional Medicine provider. He holds a B.S. Degree in Health Science and Chemistry from Wake Forest University. He serves clients in over 15 countries through his telehealth practice at and has helped thousands over the last 8 years.

Dr. Jackson is the creator of the “The Heal Your Hormones” bootcamp for neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse’s membership community and has contributed to the book “Diagnostic Testing and Functional Medicine” by Ameer Rosic. He has been featured in The Huffington Post, the “Bulletproof Executive” and “Ben Greenfield Fitness” podcasts, on multiple health and medical summits, and in two health documentaries. Dr. Tim hosts The Boss Body Podcast.

He also serves on the medical advisory board for Wellness Mama, a site with several million annual visitors. Dr. Jackson is available to comment on various functional medicine and wellness-related topics such as digestive health, energy and fatigue, autoimmune disorders, and mold toxicity.

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