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Speakers For Our Next Meeting June 20, 2019, 7:00 pm (3rd Thursday Monthly)

"Systems Nutrition: A New Paradigm For Optimizing Health And Longevity With Diet And Targeted Supplementation" by Alan Gale

Despite a plethora of published nutritional research in top journals, and a motivated population half of which is taking a daily supplement, we're still suffering from an avalanche of poor health, disease, and premature death. Over 130 million people in the US suffer from 2 or more chronic diseases, and this year 450,000 people will die prematurely from preventable chronic diseases due to diet. The crux of the issue is the science is too generalized, and isn't actionable.

"Personalized Nutrition: Optimizing Health And Longevity Through Your Gut Microbiome" by Dr. Mima Geere

The majority of chronic diseases today can be mapped back to two areas: chronic inflammation and gut microbiome changes. The rising utilization of antibiotics and consumption of high carb low fat diets and increasing exposure to toxic chemicals over the past three decades coincides with an associated rise in chronic diseases nationwide. The growing aging population is at an increased risk of developing cancer and debilitating illness whose root cause points back to the state of our microbiome and how synchronized and balanced our body systems are with nature’s rhythms.

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