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Speakers For Our Next Meeting July 20, 2017, 7:00 pm (3rd Thursday Monthly)

"Spices as Nature's Designer Drugs for Longevity" by Kitty Wells

From the splendor of tropical rainforests come spices, superstars of nature's apothecary. Used for millennia in Ayurvedic, Chinese and other ancient medical traditions, modern scientists are now unlocking their secrets. Not only do spices provide distinctive aromas and flavors to food, they work in your body to provide profoundly healthy benefits. When eaten regularly, they influence the very expression of your genes, which in turn gives your body the instruction set to turn on antioxidant and anti-inflammatory enzymes and processes, thus protecting you from a host of ills.

“An Optimal Health and Lifestyle Plan for the Entire Family” by Ronesh Sinha, MD

As the author of the book "South Asian Health Solution", Dr. Sinha will share the most effective dietary and lifestyle changes that have worked with his patients of all cultural backgrounds.

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