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September 19, 2019 Meeting: “5G: Health Risks, Surveillance and BioWeaponry” by Lena Pu

September 19, 2019 Meeting: “5G: Health Risks, Surveillance and BioWeaponry” by Lena Pu

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Main Presentation: “5G: Health Risks, Surveillance and BioWeaponr” by Lena Pu

5G, also known as the 5th generation cellular communications technology, has unique properties that sets it apart from all the previous “G”enerations. The introduction of the extremely high frequency millimeter wave bandwidths within the microwave spectrum, the introduction of new delivery systems and propagation techniques such as beam forming technologies, phased arrays and others, without limit, and the introduction of a flood of new bills to fast track this new technology robbing people and their local cities and counties, even local tribes and historic preservation sites, the right to control their own communities and homes of any 5G/4G cell antenna placement by private corporations.

Because of this, never before in the history of wireless development has the introduction of a particular technology created such an outpouring of feverish resistance by people all over the world. They have reason. After all, who wants a cluster of close proximity, high voltage equipment, microwave-emitting cell antennas placed on a simple light pole right in front of their house every hundred(s) of feet?

About Lena Pu

Lean Pu is a mother of two teenage children, her past work involved restoring sensitive environmental habitat for the US Army Corps of Engineers. As project manager she worked with all the alphabet agencies for several years and took that experience and training as well as knowledge of environmental toxicology into her new line of work and passion – promoting the health of all life by preserving our natural electromagnetic earth through the use of safe technologies, WIRED tech. She is currently the Environmental Health Consultant for the ‘National Association for Children and Safe Technologies’ ( She is spearheading her own website starting the new year called,


Short Presentation: “Beyond Medication: Clinically Proven Approaches” by Steve Blake, ScD

The American medical system is using medication almost exclusively for treatment. This is great for pharmaceutical profits, but is not helpful for consumers of medical services. While medication is often necessary, there may be other, safer approaches. In other countries, such as in Europe, doctors go beyond medication to prescribe herbs for certain illnesses.

Recent research shows that ginkgo is more effective than the usual medications for Alzheimer’s disease. In Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, food and spices are used to help with illness. Many of us know that fitness is vital for excellent health, but doctors rarely even ask about exercise. While we wait for our medical system to become safer and more effective we can take steps on our own to prevent and treat illness.

American medicine does not prevent disease. Screening is not prevention. Better diet, exercise, not smoking, less stress, and a cleaner environment are effective prevention strategies. We will never solve our health crisis until we tackle prevention.

About Steve Blake, ScD

Steve Blake, ScD is a doctor of science specializing in nutritional biochemistry. He is Director of Nutritional Neuroscience at the Maui Memory Clinic. He worked as Faculty Nutritional Biochemist at Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience for years. He just published a clinical study in the Journal of Brain Sciences on reversing dementia. He is research director at the Neuroscience Nutrition Foundation. He has presented grand rounds at many hospitals. He is recently credentialed to work in China setting up hospital programs to reverse disorders using nutrition. He is author of 16 major works on the effects of nutrition on health, including Nutrients for Memory (


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NOTE: Meeting starts promptly at 7pm.  Main speaker presentation begins at 7:20 p.m.

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