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March 20, 2014 – How Dental Issues affect Health & Ancient Medicine for Modern Ills

March 20, 2014 – How Dental Issues affect Health & Ancient Medicine for Modern Ills

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Enjoy the video of this meeting:


How Dental Issues Affect Health.

A Lecture by Dr. Sook Hong, D.D.S.

Dr Hong’s talk will cover:

  1. Dental Connection to our body
  2. Heavy Metal Toxicity
  3. Root Canal Myth
  4. Ozone in Dentistry
  5. ANS blockage from a TMJ and Cranial imbalances.

Below are uses of ozone in dentistry:

Oxygen/Ozone therapy has been used successfully in many countries throughout the world since 1840. It has been recently gaining interest within the medical community in the wake of an increasing number of scientific and clinical papers published in international peer-reviewed medical journals. Many of the basic mechanisms of the action of Ozone are now well understood, yielding research that has resulted in the rationale for the use of ozone in many pathological conditions related to pain, inflammation, oxidative stress, cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes, neuropathy and acute and chronic infections.

Sharone FranzonChinese Medicine: An Ancient System for Modern Times

Given the accomplishments of modern science and technology, one might wonder what possible advantage an ancient system of healing could offer.  Can it really be effective and safe?  Are there conditions for which Chinese medicine might be preferable to conventional medicine?  This lecture will explore the ways in which acupuncture and herbs work to address most health issues.  We will discuss the following features of Chinese medicine:

  • therapy vs. pain management
  • differential diagnosis: syndrome vs. disease
  • side effects
  • meridian theory
  • herbal medicine
  • literary traditions
  • maintaining the paradigm

Understanding these points will demystify Chinese medicine and show how it can respond to “modern” ills.

NOTE: Meeting starts promptly at 7pm.  Main soeaker presentation begins at 7:20 p.m.

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