in Memoriam
Mike Korek


She called and said you had left,
In a hurry you had to go,
No time for goodbyes,
Something on the other side
you had to know.
Instantly the world seemed less
Less warm, less caring
Less of a place for love and sharing.
               If you would have told me, at dawn
One more time to the beach we could have gone,
Or to the farmersí market for some greens,
Or to Rancho for a hike, you in your scruffy old jeans.
You were a father, brother, lover, grandfather, husband, uncle, teacher and friend
You played your roles with laughter and compassion until the end.
With a joyful heart you took the world as it came,
Moment by moment, frame by frame.
You embraced everyone without right or wrong
To you life was not a struggle but a song.
An insatiable mind on fire, all the world you had to know,
And all of lifeís secrets that many would forgo.
Ballroom dancing, photography, tennis, science, philosophy, wellness, art
You were a true Renaissance man with wisdom and heart.
You lived five life times in the span of one,
A masterís trick, yet you knew how it was done.
At 82, twenty push-ups for you was no great feat,
With a loverís heart you winked at the girls as they walked down the street.
You dined with life and took in all its fare,
You danced with life like you were Fred Astaire.
The sun goes down, the stars come out
And the world goes on, but will never be the same,
We are all glad that you came.
Rest in peace my dear friend,
We will meet again in the end.

                                                            Jake Brzakovic