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July 2006: Alpha Lipoic Acid (and Collagen)

July 2006: Alpha Lipoic Acid (and Collagen)

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A Critical Re-evaluation of the Supplemental Use of Alpha Lipoic Acid

David Carlson

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Meeting Discussion Notes

04:22 Cathcart talks about Vitamin C, autoimmune, lyme, etc.
15:52 Steve Fowkes talks about Solanine (from nightshade vegetables) and joint problems
17:34 Don Southard (82) talks about his tennis playing without joint problems in his introduction to Steve Fowkes’s talk.

Michelle Miller, Ph.D. Cand. gives talk “Safer Building Introduction, Don’t Let Contractors Inadvertently Contaminate Your Air!”

Steve Fowkes gives mini talk on collagen.

Steve points out that silicon is one of the nutrients required for healthy collagen formation and repair. You don’t hear much about silicon yet, and even well-informed docs are not aware of available tests. This paper proves the importance of silicon in collagen formation. There is at least one blood test for silicon. The usual silicon supplement you can find is JarroSil.


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